1. Enter your dealer number and click the Submit button to access your dealership update files.
2. From the new window, save the CF-UPDATE.BAT file to your Desktop.
3. From the new window, save the WIN_95.UPD file to your Desktop.
4. From the new window, save the FORMS.UPD file to your Desktop.
5. Once downloaded, close the new window and make sure your DealPlus F&I program is not running.
6. Double-click only on the CF-UPDATE.BAT file from your desktop to update your files.
7. Once update is complete, start your DealPlus F&I program, and check to see if your new form(s) are available.
8. It is recommended that you delete CF-UPDATE.BAT, WIN_95.UPD, and FORMS.UPD from your desktop when finished.

Use Alt+C to enter your Cooling Off Fee.